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Supported Training and Rehabilitative Instruction in Vocational Education

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The STRIVE program, founded in 1985, is a community-based work skills program for students with special needs, with an emphasis on acquisition of adult independence. The mission and purpose of the program is to provide real-life work experiences for students with intellectual disabilities in real community-based businesses. During their time in the program, students receive instruction on basic work skills and appropriate work behaviors. STRIVE provides an instructional focus on IEP Transition Plan activities, postsecondary goals, and outcomes.

Our training involves students learning a variety of job skills as well as soft skills needed for all types of employment. Soft skills include professionalism, work ethic, enthusiasm, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving and are addressed on all job sites throughout the student’s participation in STRIVE.

The benefits for students participating in the STRIVE program are numerous and include:

  • Full community integration and inclusion
  • Giving students a competitive edge
  • Empowering students to reach their full potential
  • A bridge to adult life
  • Providing transition with support
  • Opportunity to explore career clusters through a variety of job tasks


Contact Shawn Kilpatrick, Department Chair, at the STRIVE office (678) 542-2358, or by e-mail at