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The BRIDGE Faculty and Staff List

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HOPE Teachers & Coaches

High School Teachers & Coaches

Middle School Teachers & Coaches



Leadership Team

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Media & Technology

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Physical Education

Response Management Procedure

Support Staff

HOPE Teachers and Learning Coaches

Staff MemberEmailLearning CoachEmail
Barry Bozarth email icon Mai Nguyen email icon
Amal Webb email icon
Bob Marshall email icon Christine Cantrell email icon
Terry Johnson email icon Shalaundria Harris email icon
Chelsie Madiedo email icon Melody Brantley email icon
Nicholas Crockett email icon
Erin O'Hagan Marks email icon Djulsema Tabakovic email icon
Nedim Tabakovic email icon Andre Mandeldove email icon
Gertrude Ingram email icon
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High School Teachers and Learning Coaches

SubjectStaff MemberEmailLearning CoachEmail
Self-Contained Derrick Rodvill email icon Emmanuel O. Eregie email icon
BRIDGE/Central Gwinnett Transition Carol Barnes email icon Victoria Conner email icon
Affective Skills Claire Crenshaw email icon Angela M. Sanders email icon
Science Leslie Harris email icon Angie Peloso email icon
Self-Contained Rachel Massad email icon Janet Nixon email icon
Self-Contained Adrienne "Parker" Marting email icon Michaela Griggs email icon
Social Studies Lois Palmer email icon Bernadine Cropp email icon
Language Arts Wendy Sam email icon Shirley Byrd email icon
Math Cherie Staples email icon Cheryl D. Holmes email icon
Self-Contained Valerie Steffen email icon Fakhar Kay email icon
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Middle School Teachers and Learning Coaches

SubjectStaff MemberEmailLearning CoachEmail
Self-Contained Eugene French email icon Tonya Lawrence email icon
Science Catherine Jacobs email icon Zuria Harrington email icon
Math Berthony T. Morancy email icon Millicent Yalley email icon
Social Studies Kelly Norton email icon Shanice Turner email icon
BRIDGE/Northbrook MS Transition Elliott Rogers email icon
Affective Skills Mary "Katie" Sibcy email icon Chantel Johnson email icon
Language Arts Elin Tomov email icon Dru Penton email icon
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Cafeteria Staff

EmailStaff MemberTitle
email icon Donna Dennard Manager
email icon Joujou Ndenga Assistant Manager
email icon Patty Soriano Assistant Manager
Florica Cioloca Staff
Nancy Rockenstyre Staff
Diane Sandra Santiago Staff
Iris Stiphenson Staff
Valerie Thomas Staff
Carol Unkles Staff
Iris Venture Staff
Cafeteria Department Page
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Custodial Staff

EmailStaff MemberTitle
email icon Keith Hailey Head Custodian
Irfan Rakanovic Custodian
Gloria Salazar Custodian
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Leadership Team

EmailStaff MemberTitle
email icon Kim Mankin Principal
email icon Maureen Shannon Assistant Principal
email icon Malachi Wells Assistant Principal
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Lead Teachers

EmailStaff MemberTitle
email icon Brittany Cerny High School
email icon Tina Costa Middle School
email icon Susan Dunning Testing
email icon Ashley Mikkelsen HOPE Program
email icon Heysha Rodriguez Behavior
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Media and Technology

EmailStaff MemberTitle
email icon Kimberly Adcock Media Specialist
email icon Anna Colley Technology Coordinator
email icon Dan Martin Technology Support Technician
Media/Tech Department Page
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Office Staff

EmailStaff MemberTitle
email icon Maryam Sanders Receptionist
email icon Shannon Coleman Bookkeeper and Student Data Management Clerk
email icon Timothy Irons Stellar Substitute
email icon Stephanie McClung Clinic Worker
email icon Lorraine Puerta Administrative Assistant
email icon Lucille Robinson Administrative Assistant
Fax records requests to 678-377-8942 Attn: L. Robinson
Clinic Page
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Physical Education (P.E.)

EmailStaff MemberTitle
email icon Robert Link Physical Education Teacher
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Response Management Procedure

EmailStaff MemberTitle
email icon Chasiti M. Anderson Response Management Procedure
email icon Keenan Colbert Response Management Procedure
email icon Danny Hollie Response Management Procedure
email icon Tammy Parker Response Management Procedure
email icon Don C. Westinghouse Response Management Procedure
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Student Support

EmailStaff MemberTitle
email icon Morgan Carter Social Worker
email icon Judith Crothers-Flamming Psychologist
email icon Tonia Dalton Social Worker
email icon Anna Douglas Speech
email icon Brittany D. Logan Floating Paraprofessional
email icon Jennifer McRae Therapeutic Room
email icon Holly Reynolds In-School Suspension Teacher
email icon Leslie Visor Counselor
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